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Maxatec launches IP54 rated 4-inch portable printer

October 7th, 2013
Product Launches

Altrincham, 07 October 2013 – Maxatec has launched a new rugged, compact 4-inch receipt and label portable thermal printer. The IP54-rated Sewoo LK-P43 shrugs off dust and water ingress and adds to Maxatec’s comprehensive range of portable belt-mounted printers for mobile applications. The printer continues the Sewoo tradition of engineering excellence and affordability and is suited to mobile scenarios, including food delivery, service environments, policing, logistics and transportation, and warehouse management.

The printer can print self-adhesive labels – the device features a built in label peeler – as well as traditional receipts and labels using thermal paper rolls with outer diameters up to 56 mm. Printing at 80 mm/sec, it has an adjustable paper width from 50 to 108 mm, making it extremely flexible. It offers RS-232C, USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity options, and it has a fast AC charger with a long-life battery to provide a full shift of printing.

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Maxatec announces Apex i Series of portable printers certified for use with iPhones®, iPads® and iPod® products

October 1st, 2013
Press Releases

Altrincham, 01 October 2013 – Maxatec, distributor of Datamax-O’Neil mobile printing products, announces plans to make the Datamax-O’Neil Apex i series available to Resellers. The Apex i series of 2, 3 and 4-inch portable printers are Apple® Certified for use with iPhones®, iPads® and iPod® products.

A growing trend for organisations across many industries is the ability to print payment receipts, tickets, proof of delivery and other documentation from Apple®, Android® and other leading smartphone and tablet platforms. The popular Apex portable printer is now available as an Apple® certified MFI printing solution to meet the growing trend of B2B applications that utilise Apple® iOS devices. The Apex i series offer 2, 3 and 4-inch printing capabilities in an easy-to-use and lightweight form factor. Highly reliable, the Apex series is already field proved with many thousands being deployed in a variety of applications from field service to transportation. Enterprises around the globe are now utilising popular smartphones in everyday applications, and the Apex i series of printers come equipped with a Datamax-O’Neil Toolkit that will help users quickly adapt the printers into their enterprise environment. The Toolkit offers several intuitive features including a “scan” module that will link the Apple® device to the Apex i printer, allowing it to read and display various printer statistics, such as battery voltage, timer, temperature, remaining print buffer and other important information.

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Maxatec announces new rugged 10.1-inch Android tablet PC

July 22nd, 2013
Press & Media

Altrincham, 22nd July 2013 – Maxatec has launched a new 10.1-inch Android Business Pad that provides an infinitely superior mobile computing platform to standard tablet PCs. The Bluebird Pidion BP70 offers a wealth of features and functionality in a slim, lightweight 757g, and rugged IP65 waterproof TankSmith™ design. The BP70 is equipped with unique Eyelluminate™ display technology, which is a close bonding of the Corning® Gorilla Glass® touch screen with the LCD. This provides a clear view in all light conditions, whether inside or out, which improves productivity.

“The Pidion BP70 adds to our extensive Bluebird Pidion range of enterprise class mobile computing hardware, which includes rugged PDAs, handheld computers and tablet PCs. This new product has been carefully designed to provide users with an aesthetically pleasing 10.1-inch Android Business Pad that is reliable and withstand all the demands of the business environment. The high definition Eyelluminate display is outstanding as is its battery performance, which provides more than 12 hours use on a single charge. Importantly, you can hold this device in one hand using the hand strap, which also allows you to rotate it from landscape to portrait simply by turning it with your free hand,” says Steve Berry, Maxatec Director.

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Maxatec launches new Android smartphone size PDA

July 15th, 2013
Press Releases

Altrincham, UK 15th July 2013 – The Bluebird Pidion HM45 from Maxatec breaks new ground in portable Android devices that are suitable for a wide range of environments and applications. The new IP54-rated handheld computer runs on Android 4.0 and is one of the most ergonomically designed products on the market to date. With ever-increasing interest in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace, the Pidion HM45 provides a rugged, reliable and fully functional alternative to using consumer-grade smartphone technology.

“The Pidion HM45 follows Bluebird’s stringent attention to detail and industrial design for maximum reliability. Its unique TankSmith™ technology adds another dimension to the IP54 handheld, sealing it against water and dust ingress. With the familiar Android 4 operating system and its mobile phone form factor, the Pidion HM45 is a true contender for automating a wide range of mobile applications where smartphones just could not withstand rough handling or offer the level of functionality and features available in this product,” says Steve Berry, Maxatec Director.

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Maxatec announces portable printing for the iPad and iPhone

June 11th, 2013
Product News

Altrincham, 12th June 2013 – Maxatec has announced a range of Apple iOS software development kits (SDK) for its range of industrial-grade mobile printers. Companies using Apple iPhone and iPad products for mobile applications will benefit from the cost-effective, robust, lightweight and ergonomic mobile printers that extend the functionality their handheld devices. The new iOS SDK adds to the flexibility of the Sewoo LK-P printers that already feature tools and drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Symbian, Windows CE mobile, Android and Blackberry.

“Until now there has been a paucity of quality rugged printers suitable for iOS driven devices. However, the market has recognised the lack of equipment and we are pleased to be among the first to break new ground with this range of cost-effective printers, giving users the opportunity to print receipts and labels up to 4-inches wide on the move. It means that companies that have already invested in Apple mobile technology can team up their iPhones and iPads with a portable printer that meets their needs. Wireless (WiFi), communications with the mobile printers can be configured to work in either Infrastructure or ad hoc modes, the latter allowing direct wireless printing from the Apple device without connection to an access point,” says Steve Berry, Maxatec Director.

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