December News Round Up

December 23rd, 2010
Events & Industry News

Even though Christmas is here and everyone is looking forward to a few days relaxing with their feet up the world of EPOS and retail has been very busy, here are a few of the top news stories from this month.  This month we have seen businesses preparing their POS systems for the imminent VAT increase, Apple prompting businesses to create EPOS apps and Cloud services being tipped to become increasingly more popular.

VAT Rise

A quick reminder to all businesses to make sure their POS systems are prepared for the VAT increase on January 4th, and for the possible confusion any refunds could cause. Now is the time to review your pricing strategy to incorporate the VAT increase that will rise from 17.4% to 20% in the New Year. Real Business has answered a few basic questions, and for those who are still confused try The VAT Consultancy for advice.

Apple EPOS System

We wrote about mobiles doubling up at POS devices back in August and now Apple has piloted the first POS app for iPods. The system has been tested in a few Old Navy Stores in the US. The system consists of an extremely customised operating system and pack which can be attached to an iPod. The technology is still in its infancy but the strides Apple is making are sure to create waves in the industry.

Cloud Service, social networks and mobile computing to combine has made a prediction that mobile service, cloud services and social networking are due to mature and become more interlinked in 2011. This push from early adopter status to widespread use could be related to the expected 5.7% increase in global IT spend. With increases in usage and spend across the board the International Data Corporation predict the three will combine to create a bigger and better way of using the web.